Pawan Kalyan's heartfelt message

Friday, April 20, 2018 (All day)

Actor and Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan has turned emotional and slammed the media, political outfits, wily persons that are dragging him into controversies that he is no way connected to them. Pained by Sri Reddy’s abusive word hurled at him, and media circus over this incident, Pawan Kalyan slammed everyone who have indulged in cheap tactics to defame him.

“Before I became an actor or politician, I am a son. As a son if I don’t safeguard the honor of my mother I better die than live,” he tweeted referring to the abusive word that Sri Reddy uttered on the initiation of filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. She used most unparliamentarily language when Pawan Kalyan suggested her to take legal recourse in her fight against casting couch than sitting in TV studios.

He also didn’t mince words in slamming the media. “When they telecast such street language repeatedly, and instigate the people to say the filthy words and put debates over it…. no wonder that we are witnessing the barbaric persons committing cruel crimes and atrocities on innocent kids like Asifa,” he tweeted.

#5 If I cannot defend the honour of my mother I better die..

— Pawan Kalyan (@PawanKalyan) April 19, 2018

He also said that he would not turn back in his political journey. I have already prepared to die in serving the people and working for the society no matter what. “With the money and muscle power and with the support of media, they may assassin the character of a person who is living with self pride but I am not afraid of them,” he said.