Pawan Kalyan's yatra draws good response

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 18:30

Pawan Kalyan today began his political campaign called "Chalo Re, Chalo Re Chal..." in Vizag. In Vizag, he interacted with the agitating employees of Dredging Corporation of India (DCI) and called on parents of Venkatesh, a youngster who committed suicide. He made strong comments against the local MP and MLA and also urged Prime Minister Modi to change his decision to privatise the DCI.

"I supported you (NDA) but I will not remain silent, when you go against public's wishes and aspirations. If they don't change their stance, the first loss for NDA will begin from Vizag itself," Pawan Kalyan said. His speech drew good response from the public. 

Pawan Kalyan earlier gave explanation why he took this campaign. "Vexed with the issues that beset our people I am bringing my own responsibility to the fore. My inner churning and yearning to be responsible as a human and to be responsible as Janasena Chief, I am going closer to the people. I am responsible, therefore I am acting. I am responsible for the grief that descends on families when they lose their loved ones in mindless meaningless incidents, accidents, dastardly crimes, barbaric acts... my responsibility is moral. So Chalo Re, Chalo Re Chal... "