Photo: Naga Shaurya's ripped and rugged body

Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 23:00

Naga Shaurya is the latest addition to the club of stars who underwent a strenuous physical transformation for their part in movies. We have recently seen how Ram developed his body for ‘iSmart Shankar’. Now Shaurya shows off his ripped body.

From what he looked like in ‘Oh Baby’, this is a complete physical transformation. He still is working out to have muscles and extra inches to his biceps. This is for his current film ‘Ashwathama’ being directed by newcomer Ramana Teja. Mehreen is the heroine. He posted this pic along with the caption, “Daddy nannu e pic post cheyamannaru. Nenu caption petti post chese lopu thitti naatho ye caption lekunda post cheypincharu.”

So, Naga Shaurya is also shedding his ‘Ramudu Manchi Baludu’ image for an action star image.