Producer Tammareddy admonishes Dalits

Saturday, March 7, 2020 - 16:30

Palasa 1978’ won rave reviews from critics. Released on March 6, the film received ordinary openings. The film with a serious theme is not receiving the patronage of Dalit groups. ‘Palasa 1978’, directed by Karuna Kumar, is all about Ambdekarism, the plight of Dalits and caste oppression. 

Lamenting Dalit groups not coming forward to own the film, producer Tamareddy Bharadwaja angrily criticized them. He presented the movie. “For years, Dalit groups have been demanding representation of their community in films. They wanted to see a Dalit protagonist. When we made such a film, they are not coming forward. The movie won rave reviews, even the general audiences are liking it. But where is the encouragement from Dalits,” he admonished.

He is quite vocal in criticizing them.