Rahul Ravindran gets shock from Kavitha

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 11:00

Rahul Ravindran debuted in ‘Andala Rakshasi’ and later has acted in many films including recent ‘U Turn’. He has also directed a movie ‘Chi La Sow’ but the young actor is yet to gain popularity among general public and non-regular moviegoers.
The other day TRS MP Kavitha put him in embarrassing situation. While praising the film ‘U Turn’, she mentioned that she had seen only one film of Rahul Ravindran before this movie and found hard to recall its name. Instead she mentioned that every one shouts in that film instead of having normal conversation. This made everyone burst into laughter.

The film she was talking about was ‘Andala Rakshasi’ in which no actor speaks in normal tone. It was widely criticized back then.