Raj Tarun finally responds on accident case

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 11:00

Raj Tarun has finally tweeted about the accident that took place yesterday. Some wrote that he ran away. The actor said that he did run away, but that was to get some help. Seat belt saved him he added. 
He is recovering for the shock of this collision. In a couple of days he will join the shoot of his films. 
Raj Tarun's tweet read, "Thank you so much every one for the concern. So blessed to get calls to know I am safe or not. I came out from home via Narsing circle, which is a regular accident spot from past 3 months.
It was a sudden right. In that quick decision, lost control and the car hot the wall beside the road. With that sound all my ears blocked and vision was unclear. Sudden heart beat made me clueless. Seatbelt is there. I checked myself and Took a quick run to go back home and get some help.
This is all that happened around that incident. Was on rest to come out. Starting my work again in a few days:) Thank you for the love."