Rajamouli: Cut down the luxuries, use a limited crew

Friday, May 8, 2020 - 13:30

Top director Rajamouli threw light on the future of movie-making and movie business post the lockdown period. In a panel discussion with noted film critic Anupama Chopra, Rajamouli shared his thoughts.

Excerpts from Rajamouli’s speech….

  1. During this lockdown period, people have accustomed to watching content online and web series. Naturally, they expect better content than what’s available on OTT platforms from filmmakers.
  2. Filmmakers need to think about providing rich content and quality making. Or people would reject the movies.
  3. I take this as a challenge. I will upgrade myself.
  4. The theater experience is different from home-viewing or mobile-viewing experience. We need to make films that can only be enjoyed in a theater. Then audiences would rush to the cinema screens.
  5. There is talk going about cutting down remunerations of the stars. What I say, we need to cut down the luxuries first. Once that is done rest will follow
  6. Stories may not change but the moviemaking process will be changed. In the future, we may not afford to make movies with a large crew and cast members. Perhaps, we may have to limit the number of persons on the sets.