Rajinikanth's confidence is talk of the town

Saturday, November 3, 2018 - 23:00

The trailer of science-fiction actioner '2.0' has been making waves ahead of the film's release on November 29.

Like the trailer, the speech by Rajinikanth at the event is also a talk of the town. Reason? He confessed that the magnum opus has cost Rs. 600 crores. And the superstar said something explosive after this. "Mark my words when I say that '2.0' will be a super duper hit. The film will collect double its cost," Rajini said with great confidence.

He endowed director Shankar with encomiums, saying that the director is a scientist who is India's James Cameron and Steven Spielberg.  

"He is a gem of the Indian Cinema.  But for whom, I wouldn't have done this movie. I wanted to quit the film four days into the shoot as my body was not cooperating with me. Shankar said to me my presence is enough and so I continued to do the movie," Rajini said.