Ram Gopal Varma vs Prasanth Varma!

Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 11:30

The Varmas are fighting with each other to take the credit of making ‘world’s first film on the coronavirus’. While the senior director Ram Gopal Varma had already announced that his films ‘Corona Virus’ is the first film that is made with the topic of coronavirus, now director Prasanth Varma is saying, ‘thondi…naade mundu’.

Prasanth Varma who shot to fame with ‘Awe’ is directing his third film with the same subject of coronavirus pandemic. He says he began filming this movie even before coronavirus had entered in India. 

The first look of this film will be released on Friday. While Prasanth Varma has still not released, the maverick Ram Gopal Varma had already unveiled the trailer. However, Prasanth Varma is likely to release the movie before RGV completes the shoot.