Rana posts new pic, looks quite healthy

Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 08:00

Going by his latest update, Rana has completely recovered and regained health. His face is radiant and brimming with confidence. On Thursday, Rana updated a new photograph announcing that he is returning to India. He will be in Hyderabad in 72 hours. He updated this post from California.

This new post and photo would put an end to all the speculations about his health condition. There is a reason why he took it to Instagram to share the latest photograph. Two days ago, Rana shared a promotional campaign photograph that shocked all. In that photo, he looked like he lost nearly 40 kilos in three months. It also gave the impression that his health condition further deteriorated.

Worried at his looks, fans kept on asking him to take care of his health and eat well. With a flurry of posts from his fans, Rana finally gave clarity. Rana has been away from Hyderabad for the last three months. Rumors say he went to the USA for a kidney transplant. His mother reportedly donated her kidney to Rana as his kidneys had started functioning properly due to a rare disease. 

But Rana on record has been saying that he put up in the USA for a work-related assignment regarding his next big production ‘Hiranya Kashyapa’ that is to be directed by Gunasekhar. He will return to this weekend and he will have to be shooting for Venu Udugula’s ‘Virata Parvam’.