Rana stays put in Mumbai

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 13:45

Rana is back in India. After undergoing treatment for his kidney ailment in the USA for more than three months, Rana is now doing well. He is returned to India but he has now been staying in Mumbai instead of Hyderabad. 

His family members say Rana needs further observation by his doctor in Mumbai. Only after the specialist doctor in Mumbai certifies that he’s completely recovered, Rana would resume working in Hyderabad. 

On the eve of the Dasara festival, Rana tweeted, “Dasara Greetings. From Mumba, Maharashtra.” Rana will have to commence the shoot of Venu Udugula’s ‘Virata Parvam’ that has already finished 40 percent of its shoot with the actors Sai Pallavi and Nanditha Das.

Early this year Rana noticed a problem with his energy levels going down frequently. One day, he fainted on the sets. This led to further diagnosis and doctors found that he has a kidney-related ailment that urgently needs to be treated in the USA. In July, he left for Chicago. 

However, Rana is not forthcoming about his health condition. He has been denying the media reports. His official statement is that he was in the USA for one of his movie assignments.