Rashmi Gautham furious about trolling

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 15:00

Rashmi Gautham is getting furious.  She is being slammed by the netizens. They are angry with her for doing a drama wedding on the reality show. She and her Jabardast co-star Sudheer got married on a TV show and for a TV show. Though it was a staged wedding the team publicized as real wedding. Only after this show was telecast, did the people realise that they were fooled.

In the name of entertainment the team has done half hour of program from marriage to first night. When questioned how ethical this was? Rashmi Gautham turned furious and slammed the trollers. 

She tweeted, "And pls go thru the entire history of any and every social platform is there any proof that me and Sudheer fooled people we always maintained that we are good professional friends and it’s our personal life who we marry or date personally is no ones concern"