Rashmi responds on weight issues

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 14:30

Actress and TV anchor Rashmi Gautham is in her early 30's. She looks gorgeous. However, a fan felt that she is looking a bit chubby.

He tweeted to her, "In a recent event you wore a saree and you look bit chubby. You’re almost turning 30 so you must concern about your figure more as an actress."

To this, Rashmi responded in cheeky manner and reminded him that she has already turned 30. "Well I’m not almost turning 30 tat ship sailed quite some Time back," she replied in humorous manner.

She also spoke about her weight issue. "And coming to the weight gain it happens sometimes and since we do tv it gets noticed very visibly unlike in films where u get your gaps and time to focus exclusively on yourself," she gave clarification.

She also asked people not to focus on weight issues of actresses. She said she will not go under the knife to lose weight immediately. " And also what’s the big deal it’s after all weight you lose some you gain some. As actress yes there are certain expectations from us But I refuse to go under the knife or endorse fad diets Under any circumstance Each one has a body type there is no set mould to fit in," she tweeted.

She concludes with this in her further tweet, "Of course there are a certain changes which have been made a little tweaks here and there but it’s work in progress. And it will show slowly and naturally Which I’m confident about Over nite results don’t last long."