Ravi Teja and his remuneration tantrums

Sunday, December 10, 2017 - 19:00

Looks like actor Ravi Teja has not learnt from his mistakes. The actor is on a high from his recently released film ‘Raja The Great’ and has hiked remuneration again. Not long ago Ravi Teja was without any films in hand. He sat for more than a year at home with no takers. This is because Ravi Teja demanded a whopping Rs 10 Cr and no producer was willing to give this amount. He slashed his price and then Raja The Great happened. 

'Raja the Great', though not a huge success has put Ravi Teja back in league. The actor has started demanding more. Very soon he will be 50 and he wants to make the most while sun shines. But he should understand that no producer will make any profit if they give him what he is demanding.