Ravi Teja asks director to rewrite script

Friday, January 11, 2019 - 10:45

Success can make a person over-confident. At the same time, failure can make him or her over-cautious. Ravi Teja's flops need no introduction. Last year, his films suffered mighty collapse at the BO.  

Director Vi Anand wants to make a film titled 'Disco Raja' with the Mass Maharaja. The film was supposed to be launched in December itself.  Due to certain unforeseen circumstances, the launch couldn't be had.

It's learned that the launch has been postponed only because the hero wants the writing department to revisit the script. The actor had a string of super-flops last year.  So, he is on the defensive.  He is extra-cautious and doesn't want to take any chances. 

As an experienced actor, Ravi Teja must have given some specific instructions to writer Abburi Ravi in rewriting some portions of the script. If the script becomes stronger, all this delay will prove to be a blessing.