Ravi Teja keeps mum despite negative publicity

Saturday, September 7, 2019 - 17:30

Earlier this week, 'RX 100' director Ajay Bhupathi created a storm in a tea cup when he described an unnamed actor as a "cheap star".  It was a dig at Ravi Teja.  Reason?  The Mass Maharaja wasted months and months of the director's precious time by agreeing to do 'Maha Samudram', only to back off in the 11th hour.  Obviously, the young filmmaker was hurt.

It has been reported by the media that Ravi Teja has been adamant about remuneration.  The buzz is that he is not averse to missing out on important projects because of this stubborn behaviour.  

Despite everyone saying everything, Ravi Teja has been silent.  He hasn't refuted any report.  Perhaps, he will do it in the pre-release interviews of 'Disco Raja'.