RGV backs off from 'Mega Family'!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 09:45

Ram Gopal Varma must have received a call from megastar Chiranjeevi as soon as he announced that he would make a film on ‘mega family’. Twitterati went frenzy anticipating the details about this project. Many expected that he would make another controversial movie on the megastar Chiranjeevi and their family members. RGV has a grudge against Pawan Kalyan. That is known to all

However, Chiranjeevi doesn’t take such things lightly. No wonder then that within 12 hours, RGV backtracked on his statement. The other day, he tweeted that he would announce the details of his next film ‘Mega Family’ on Tuesday morning. However, he has now clarified that he has decided not to make this film.

He tweeted, “MEGA FAMILY is about a man who has 39 children but since there are too many children and I am not good in making children’s films, I decided not to make it.”