RGV tom-toms old film as Beautiful?

Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 16:45

‘Beautiful’ is the new film that Ram Gopal Varma is presenting and he is creating a lot of noise around it. The film stars Naina Ganguly as the female lead. She debuted in RGV’s ‘Vangaveeti’ in 2016 and since then she is mostly associated with RGV’s productions. This new film which RGV claims is a tribute to his classic hit ‘Rangeela’, the 1995 blockbuster that starred Aamir Khan and Urmila in the lead roles. 

But insiders say, ‘Beautiful’ was filmed three years ago. It was shelved for a long time. Now that Agasthya Manju got some name for his “Lakshmi’s NTR”, Ram Gopal Varma has revived the film and has attached Agasthya’s name as a writer, cinematographer, and director. He is trying to sell the movie based on Agasthya’s name and Naina Ganguly’s skin show. The film was planned, completed and shelved three years ago. It got new packaging.

The teaser of ‘Beautiful’ was recently released.