Samantha brings a pet dog for dad Chaitanya

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 14:00

Samantha loves dogs. She brought a pet dog to raise her. Naga Chaitanya was dead against bringing a pet dog to the home. But at home, it is a wife who rules, decides everything. Samantha is no exception. 

Samantha has revealed that she brought a pet home much against the wish of her husband Naga Chaitanya. She posted this photo of Chaitanya keeping the pet in his lop with a helpless expression. She further posted this conversation…. 

Dad : I don’t want a dog !!

 Mom : gets dog anyway ... Dad and the dog 

Here dad is Naga Chaitanya and mom is Samantha to this cute pet dog. Samantha and Chaitu are giving 'couple goals' to all the youngsters.