Samantha calms down fans with a peace sign

Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 18:00
Samantha Akkineni

The hashtag #PoojaMustApologizeSamantha trended for hours on Twitter since a post from Pooja Hegde’s Instagram came out that said she didn’t find Samantha pretty at all. Later, Pooja Hegde mentioned that her Instagram account was hacked. But Samantha’s fans have felt this is a mischievous act by Pooja Hegde. They alleged that Pooja Hegde used ‘hacking’ as an excuse for ill-behavior.

As Samantha’s online army started trolling Pooja Hegde, the Akkineni Kodalu has stepped in and posted her photograph with a peace sign. Samantha asked her fans to calm down and not make this an issue out of it.

But Samantha’s fans have not stopped creating memes using Pooja Hegde’s photos. During this lockdown, this online war between Samantha’s fans and Pooja Hegde’s fans amused many.

Samantha’s fans have started trolling Pooja Hegde for her remark against the Akkineni girl. However, Pooja Hegde clarified that it was a hacker who did this, not her. Samantha then posted a peace symbol asking fans to calm down.

— Samantha Akkineni (@Samanthaprabhu2) May 28, 2020