Sharwanand: Ranarangam helped me to reach the masses

Friday, August 16, 2019 - 15:15

Sharwanand’s ‘Ranarangam’ received mixed reviews. Still, Sharwanand is happy with the film. “This is the first time that my film received such humongous openings. Generally, my films run in cities and multiplexes. Only when the positive talk spreads, the masses prefer coming in. This has been the trend for my films. But Ranarangam has changed it, the masses have come to the theaters from the first day itself,” he said beaming with happiness.

Sharwanand has admitted that he was down with the talk from morning shows and the reviews. “I am okay with reviews. Critics mentioned that there is no proper story. When we intended to make this film, we were clear that this film should be made stylishly. It is a screenplay based movie. Thanks to cinematographer Divakar Mani, we have received compliments for visuals. Some even said that this is one of the best movies made with technique,” he said.

Sharwanand also spoke about Kajal Aggarwal’s role. Critics said hers is more like a junior artist. “I thank Kajal for accepting the movie even though it is a small role. We chopped off her role due to runtime,” he explained.

Sharwanand also said that the romantic thread between Kalyani and him is the best love track among his movies.