Shraddha Kapoor paid only Rs 3 Cr?

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 13:15

Shraddha Kapoor has been making noise in Tollywood thanks to the upcoming biggie ‘Saaho’ in which she made the south debut. The Bollywood actress is not the first choice for the film but she is winning all praise for her terrific look as Amrutha Nair, a crime branch officer. 

She has also done some daredevil stunts in the film. She is looking kick ass in this action role. 

So, how much did she receive for this movie that is reportedly budgeted Rs 300 Cr. Till the other day, reports in Bollywood media said she got whopping a pay cheque of Rs 7 Cr. Now we are contrary reports saying that she was paid only Rs 3 Cr. 

In Bollywood media, it has become a fashion to write all nonsensical figures for remunerations and collections for South Indian movies. All these reports appear with the help of PR companies. Several Tollywood celebrities that include Prabhas, Rajamouli, Rana and Ram Charan have hired PR firms in Mumbai that weave stories.