Sobhita annoyed with Mahesh's fans

Friday, August 10, 2018 - 11:00

Goodachari has become a huge success. Many are praising the film. Recently Mahesh Babu too lauded the film through his tweet. Sobita Dhulipala thanked Mahesh Babu for  his appreciation. But what she did was, she did not add garu or sir to his name. 

This has made the Mahesh Babu's fans angry. they have started trolling her. 

Sobitha seems to be annoyed with behviour of some of mahesh’s fans. The actress has huge respect for Mahaesh Babu, but is not happy with his fans behaviour. 

"I was confused that ‘Thank you!’ was seen as disrespect purely because I hadn’t attached salutations like sir or superstar," she added.