Sri Reddy: Has she won or lost? A timeline!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 10:00

Till two months ago, many did not know who actress Sri Reddy was. But now, she is a household name thanks to all the controversies she has created regarding the casting couch. She has now become prime time news for the media and dinner table conversation all over the Telugu states and abroad. After Pawan Kalyan slamming media houses on telecasting Sri Reddy’s abusive word aimed at him and telecasting the middle-finger that she showed, TV channels have now stopped inviting her to newsrooms. She is now not appearing on Telly. But she is updating her posts on Facebook. But analysts believe that her noise will not be the same.
Here's how Sri Reddy started it all and how big names were dragged in this biggest scandal to have hit Tollywood.
Facebook posts about the casting couch
Everything started when Sri Reddy started posting controversial messages regarding the casting couch culture in Tollywood on her FaceBook page three months ago. She demanded that casting couch should be dealt with in a harsh way and also threatened to name a few stars who have exploited her badly but never returned the favor or helped her career-wise. Picking her from Facebook, a Youtube channel aired her interview in which she revealed many salacious details and seeing this a leading news channel interviewed her. In no time, she became darling of media.
Strips in front of MAA
With the revelations, Sri Reddy had become an overnight sensation. She took things to another level as she stripped in front of the Film Chamber in Hyderabad and demanded Movie Artists Association to give her a membership. A visibly upset MAA president, Shivaji Raja, co-organized a press meet and announced that they would not give membership and also warned others that they should not act with her in the future. This created a stir. International media also reported the stripping incident and MAA’s diktats.
TV Channels seize the opportunity
Sri Reddy then used her original trump card and revealed names of few actors who have done injustice to her. But to her bad luck, top channels refrained from showing who these stars are. Left with no choice, Sri Reddy went to a relatively less popular channel 99tv and exposed the name of Abhiram Daggubatti along with some intimate pictures of Abhiram and her. Later her conversational chats with writer Kona Venkat and director Siva Koratala also popped up.
Before this she made some nasty allegations against Sekhar Kammula but the gentleman director immediately responded to her allegations that they are completely baseless and he is initiating legal action. Her first major blunder was dragging Sekhar Kammula. She later explained that she dragged his name just to spice up her posts.
Tollywood on back foot
Daggubati Abhiram, son of veteran producer D Suresh Babu, sent the industry in a state of shock and within no time, the Daggubatti family became the topic of discussion. The big wigs of the industry have come together and tried to solve things amicably. MAA jumped into action and had agreed to give membership to Sri Reddy and also formed a committee to curb casting couch. This was first moral victory for Sri Reddy.
Pawan gets dragged into the issue 
When the casting couch issue was being resolved, she did another huge blunder which was completely objectionable. When all was going on well, the media managed to capture Pawan in one of his rallies and asked his opinion about Sri Reddy. Pawan as any other sane individual said that he supports her cause but also suggested she should proceed legally and take the help of the cops. An excited Sri Reddy thanked Pawan on social media account and everything looked good at that point.
Here comes the major twist 
A day later, things had gone for complete haul. She changed her tune and slammed Pawan Kalyan. Who he is to ask me to go to cops, she demanded and slapped herself with her footwear and even went to the extent of abusing Pawan with highly objectionable ‘MC’ swear word. This incident not only enraged Pawan Kalyan fans but everyone. Even women organisations who stood behind her faulted her using ‘MC’ word against Pawan Kalyan.
Fans have started digging her old interviews and posts. Some of her old interviews were nasty and her bad history had resurfaced. In one interview, she asked the male journalist: “are you not getting hard-on seeing my beautiful structure?”
As fans started digging her old posts and started trolling her, the whole issue became volatile. Later Naga Babu fired at Sri Reddy for abusing his brother and how he had become a soft target for everyone to become famous. He, on behalf of the MAA, said that his association cannot promise roles to everyone and especially Telugu girls as things are not in their hand.
 Picture Abhi Baki hai mere Dost
Just as you think, things look quite sorted at this time, here came the actual twist and that too a major one. Sri Reddy in one of her phone conversations with her fellow activist Tamanna said that Ram Gopal Varma is the man behind her abusing Pawan Kalyan. Even before everyone got to know about this shocking twist, RGV came forward and released a video saying that it was him who provoked Sri Reddy to abuse Pawan so that her cause would get good mileage. 
 The aftermath of RGV's video
The sensational video got diverse reactions as the entire film fraternity and movie lovers have started slamming the eccentric Ram Gopal Varma. So, the damage was already done for Sri Reddy and Ram Gopal Varma. The mega family got together and Allu Aravind ended things with his press meet and termed RGV as Nikrustudu for the manner in which he instigated Sri Reddy. He warned him to stop such cheap activities and also said that there are big fishes behind this to defame Pawan Kalyan.
 Desparate Pawan Kalyan goes wild
But there is a super end to all this as none other than Pawan Kalyan himself came into the picture and revealed some shocking names who are behind all this. In a series of tweets, Pawan said that many of the TV channels like TV9, TV5, ABN have used Sri Reddy to defame him. He alleged that AP Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s son Lokesh is behind this entire episode. Soon, TV9 and ABN have snapped legal notices to Pawan Kalyan and the duel is going on.
What next for Sri Reddy?
Now the issue of Sri Reddy has got side-lined. Tollywood has already formed CASH (Committee Against Sexual Harrassment) and government also asked the industry to take measures to contain such issues in professional way. The coordinators system is going to be abolished. Now the core issue – casting couch- is being addressed. But Sri Reddy is now off from the discussions.
Her fight has now become personal. She posting all kind of matter on Facebook that nobody is taking seriously. Although she now claims to take up protest again, it remains to be seen whether she would make any headlines now.
In all this, one can say that even though Sri Reddy went about things in a cheaper manner, she managed to bring the issue - the casting couch problem to the fore. However, she will not gain anything if she continues to talk in cheap way and abuse anyone who criticizes or questions her.