Sri Reddy vs Nandini Rai on casting couch

Monday, May 25, 2020 - 15:00
Sri Reddy vs Nandini Rai

‘Bigg Boss Telugu 2’ contestant and actress Nandini Rai’s recent remarks on casting couch didn’t go well with controversial actress Sri Reddy. 

Nandini Rai in an interview spoke about the issue of casting couch very lightly. “It is prevalent in all industries not just in the movie industry but a girl should know how to turn down the advances,” she said. 

Nandini Rai admitted that he heard these incidents but she never faced such a situation. Reacting to Nandini’s comments, Sri Reddy said Nandini should know the difference between the casting couch (sexual harassment and exploitation) and the promiscuity

“When a girl come for to do the work,if some one force them fr the sex,thatz called casting couch nandini,if u directly offer the sex to the producer thatz not a casting couch..i know u very well u r my friend..dnt forget that bujji,” Sri Reddy posted on her social media platform in her usual writing style. 

Nandini Rai

Nandini Rai has acted in films like ‘Maya’, ‘Silly Fellows’, and ‘Mosagallaku Moasagadu’. She has currently turned to web series.