Sukumar holds discussions in Bangkok

Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 19:45

Bangkok was once favorite destination for filmmakers like Puri Jagannadh to have script writing sessions there. At one time, Puri made Bangkok as his second home. Things have changed recently. However, Sukumar for the first time in his career went to Bangkok to prepare a script.

He is now writing story for Mahesh Babu’s film in a luxury resort in Bangkok. Sometime ago Sukumar narrated a period story line but Mahesh Babu had rejected it on the grounds that the subject line is too risky. This has made Sukumar to head to Bangkok to hold discussions with his team of writers in peaceful environment. He has promised Mahesh Babu to narrate this new script by next month.

Mahesh Babu has already announced a movie with Sukumar for the production house Mythri Movie Makers.