Sunil putting pressure on 2.0 producers

Saturday, June 16, 2018 - 10:15

The disastrous result of ‘Kaala’ has opened a can of worms. Adding further woes to Rajinikanth, buyers of his next movie ‘2.0’ are demanding their money back.

Telugu distributor Sunil who bought the rights of Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0’ is now demanding the advance money to be returned. Sunil bought Rajinikanth and Shankar’s magnum opus ‘2.0’ rights for whopping Rs 80 Cr. He paid Rs 20 Cr as advance last year.
Now ‘2.0’ has been pushed to 2019, Sunil and other distributors are worrying about their advance. It is fact that Sunil approached Lyca production house to find out whether the film would make it to theaters or not but he also confirms that he demanded the advance back. However, he denies the reports that he backed out of this project. He is putting pressure on the Lyca production house that is producing the film regarding his advance. He will be losing huge interest on the advance as the film is constantly being pushed to later dates
‘2.0’ is getting delayed due to slow progress of VFX. The film is being made with Rs 300 Cr budget. It will be released simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages.