Surender Reddy lands in a controversy

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 10:30

Director Surender Reddy who is basking in the glory of ‘Sye Raa’ is in the thick of controversy as his latest video interview went viral. Talking about the success of ‘Sye Raa’, his association with Prabhas, the director made some comments about his second movie ‘Ashok’ that didn’t go well with NTR’s fans.

Surender Reddy made debut with Kalyan Ram produced ‘Atanokkade’. He made his second film with NTR who was then going through a bad phase.

While talking about his association with Prabhas, Surender Reddy revealed that he had got an offer to direct the Young Rebel Star in 2006. “I had prepared a script and producer was ready. Prabhas was willing to act. When everything was taking place, NTR’s then-manager Sukumar approached me and emotionally blackmailed me to take up Ashok back then over Prabhas’s movie,” he said.

He revealed how he missed the chance to direct Prabhas. But this has not gone well with NTR’s fans and they are trending negative hashtags against the director.

They say he should be forever thankful to NTR and his brother Kalyan Ram as they gave him life as a director. Surender Reddy is now in talks with a film with Prabhas.