Trailer is a key to fabulous opening

Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 18:15

When do you decide that you need to watch a film at any cost? The answer is very simple. It is when the trailer for the film impresses you at the first sight. The teasers and trailers need to be spot on and this is when an initial euphoria is created for the films. Things get doubled if the trailer is of a star hero. Upon this, the songs, visuals and different promotional technics help the film go big. 

Even after doing all this if the audience does not like the trailer they will surely not show any interest in the film which has been proved many a time. With growing technology and easy availability of interest, it is the sheer number of views the trailer gets, showcases how popular the film is before its release. 

Trailers of films like Agnyaathavaasi, Jai Lava Kusa, Bharath Ane Nenu and many other big heroes’ films are a rage on the net before the release of the film. Even though the trailer is not accessible to many, the big hero face on the poster will get some openings. But what about the small films which come in massive numbers every single week. Some audience even do not know that such a film has come as the trailers and teasers are not that effective. 

But times have changed now as many small and medium budget films have created superb noise before their release. Arjun Reddy is one certain example. No teaser or trailer in the recent times creates such an impact. The hard-hitting dialogues, the effect in which the trailer was edited became a rage with the youth. The film saw bumper openings and became a numero uno hit of its time's thanks to just one trailer. Another best example of this is Garuda Vega. Rajasekhar was a star who was written off. But director Praveen Sattaru worked on the trailer in such a way things became positive overnight. 

This phenomenon has been once again been proved with the latest hit RX100. The audience hardly knew who the hero and the director of the film was. The makers took a gamble and showcased all the bold scenes in the film and within no time, everyone started talking about the film. What started off as just another love story saw some good openings even more than Karthi's Chinna Babu and Vijetha which had Chiru's son in law. 

We can cite many examples of films which had an amazing star cast but the trailers didn't work with the public. Films like Naa Peru Surya, Pantham, Touch Chesi Chudu, Nela Ticket, Officer, Tej I Love You and Kaala. Even though these films had star heroes, the trailers were not up to the mark and did not create any buzz for the film and became disappointments at the box office. 

Having said all this, there is no rule that if the trailers are good the film will also turn out the best. But if you go back in time, at least 90% of the films are hit if their trailers managed to create a positive buzz. So with so much interesting content being made, the Telugu film industry needs to know that the first impression is cutting the trailers in a racy manner and doing the promotions in time and with this done in wide range will not only help the film take good openings but it will generate more interest for the audience to go watch a film.