Tricky situation for star comedians

Monday, July 16, 2018 - 09:15

Perhaps, no other film industry in the world has as many comedians as Tollywood does. With every other film, a new comedian is born. Right from Relangi to the latest Abhinav Gomatam of Ee Nagariniki Emaindi fame, all these comedians have built their careers comprehensively. They have ruled the roost and have even done films as heroes. But mind you, none of them has clicked and have evaded away after a point. Some of them were clever to get out of their struggle but some are still reeling from the bad decisions they have made. Telugu cinema looks at the current scenario of the present comedians and what they are doing right and wrong. 
Brahmanandam and Ali
Many think that Brahmanandam is out of form but he has dominated the industry for such a long time that he is not missed anymore. Fame and money wise, he has seen it all and is now doing films just for time pass. But the smartest of them all is Ali. He was a rage as a comedian, did several films as a hero and came back to doing comedy roles when things were getting tough. He has now found fame in television and has nicely prolonged his career.
Shakalaka Shankar and  Prudhvi
Probably, these are the two comedians who are facing a tough time of sorts. They found great success and roles were being written for them specially. Especially Shakalaka Shankar is trying his luck as a hero in spite of failing time and again. We wonder how he finds producers who are ready to spend money on him knowing what he is capable of as a hero. Prudhvi too was a rage in the last two years but he too became greedy and is trying to do lead roles which are not taking him anywhere.
This man has seen it all. His rise to stardom was unimaginable. He did 300 films as a comedian and turned hero by shocking everyone with his six pack body. But sadly for him, he failed to select scripts which suited his image and what followed was a mayhem of flops taking down his career. Now, he is back to doing comedy roles but many say that it is too late as he has lost his charm and the love from the audience.
Saptagiri and Srinivasa Reddy
These are two comedians who are loved by many because of their comedy timing. They are the two guys who are now experimenting as heroes. Srinivasa Reddy is a fine talent but his last two films as the hero have been flops. Same is the case with Saptagiri as his films as a hero did not yield any good result. But that has not stopped them from signing movies. Only time will tell whether they will be successful as heroes or face tough times as other comedians did.
Dhanraj and Sampoornesh Babu
These two are the ones who have suffered a lot among all. Dhanraj found decent fame thanks to Jabardasth and Big Boss but his overconfidence made him produce a film and that too as a hero. Now, not only is he suffering financially but has not many offers in hand. Sampoornesh Babu is another example who has not utilized his fame at all. He was a social media icon of sorts after his first film but success got to his head and he has not done comic roles letting go of wonderful career opportunities. He wants to do lead roles and that is the reason he is sitting at home with not many projects at home.
Vennela Kishore
Perhaps, the smartest of them one can say is Vennela Kishore. The top comedian in the industry as of now, he too did films as a hero, tried his hand at direction, but being well educated and knowing the tricks of the trade, he made a smart move and is only unique comedy roles an being the centre of attraction in many films as of now.
Finally, things have changed drastically in the recent times but one thing which is common is that the urge of becoming a hero for these comedians has not died. Even after seeing so many examples of how actors have lost out on their careers, many are jumping into the well of getting the tag as a hero. But they do not know that for every product there is an expiry date and time limit which will end son. How much they make use of themselves as a product and be safe is only left for them to plan.