A twist in Raj Tarun's accident story

Thursday, August 22, 2019 - 16:00

There is more than that meets the eye in Raj Tarun sad sorry story about the accident that happened recently. Initially it was said that he was speeding when he rammed into the wall in Narsingi.

Here comes an addition to the entire episode...

When Raj Tarun rammed into the wall, he was being filmed by one bystander named Karthik. Apparently Raj Tarun was drunk. He fled the scene and Karthik followed him and caught up with the actor.

He showed the video clips which he had filmed with his mobile phone. At that moment Raj Tarun promised Karthik Rs 5 lakh, asked him to delete the videos and fled. Now he has gone back on his promise. Karthik has exposed Raj Tarun now. He went to a popular TV channel with all these videos. Raj Tarun’s manager has said that the videos and the stories weaved by this Karthik is false.