Upasana Konidela shares Domakonda Avakaya pickle recipe

Monday, May 4, 2020 - 11:00
Upasana Konidela preparing Avakaya Pachadi

That Upasana Ram Charan is also an expert in cooking is known to all. Despite her busy schedule at Apollo hospital and being the wife of leading movie star Ram Charan, Upasana takes time to cook different delicacies. 

She has been sharing recipes for healthy preparations on social media. This is summertime and every household in Telugu states – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana would be busy making Avakaya pachadi (Mango pickle). She has also done the same but her pickle is prepared in Domakonda style. Domakonda is her father’s native village in Telangana. They use jaggery as well in this pickle. In Telangana, the mango pickle is made with more kaaram (spicy) and jaggery is a strict no. But Domakonda fort seems to be following a different method of its own. 

“I made my first a Avakaya pachadi. It’s an ancient #domakonda recipe. It turned out fab,” she posted.

You can check Upasana’s Avakaya pachadi recipe here or click on the following YouTube.