US BO: Yatra posts low numbers

Monday, February 11, 2019 - 22:00

In its first weekend, ‘Yatra’ has raked in about Rs 6 Cr share worldwide, which is impressive number for a film that has no big name in the cast and crew. Even though Mammotty is a great actor in the Malayalam film industry, he has no pulling power at the Telugu box-office and the director Mahi Raghav is an up and coming director. Considering these aspects, the first weekend numbers are decent.

But the film has posted very low numbers in USA market.

The movie was widely publicized for US market with overseas distributor putting up landing pages in major websites for many days and the overall talk was also good. Still, it collected below $200k (Rs 70 lakhs)  in its opening weekend. It has to be seen whether it would see any jump in the coming days.