V V Vinayak transforms into a lead actor!

Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 08:00

Director V V Vinayak has gone for a complete makeover of his appearance with his debut movie as the lead actor is gearing up for launch. The star director with many blockbusters to his credit will play a middle-aged person’s role in an off-beat flick

Narasimha, a former protégé of director Shankar, is turning director for this film. The movie is set to starts rolling shortly. He tried to lose weight drastically but changed his mind later after the director warned him not to turn thin. He has now achieved the right body shape for his age after working hard in the gym under a trainer.

Vinayak’s previous film as director, ‘Intelligent’, bombed at the box-office. He has earlier made cameo appearances as an actor in films like ‘Tagore’ and this is going to be his full-fledged acting role. Dil Raju produces the film.