That Vamsy stamp on 'Fashion Designer' teaser

Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 15:30

The Sundaram of 'Ladies Tailor' (1986) has his latest version. It is Gopalam, the fashion designer from an aesthetically presented village. Call him a ladies' tailor and he will slap you.  

We are talking about the teaser of 'Fashion Designer S/o Ladies Tailor', which clearly bears the stamp of the charming style of Vamsy. While smelling of his old style, the teaser also presents Sumanth Ashwin in tune with the 'fashion' of the current times. Anisha Ambrose, Manali Rathod and Manasa Himavarsha take care of the glamour quotient.  

A director of Vamsy's stature is always expected to crack it without losing his unique style. And he seems to have done just that here!  

Vamsy has directed many classics. His 'Ladies Tailor', which was released three decades ago, was a cult hit and has many fans. So, it is not easy to reach to the expectations of this sequel. Going by the teaser, we can confidently say both Vamsy and producer Madhura Sridhar have come up with a good sequel to that classic movie. The teaser promises that the sequel has same environment of the original movie and assures good humor in store. 

Added to this, Mani Sharma's music is turning out to be huge plus point to the movie as the songs have already gained popularity. Even as the teaser grabs a good response from all quarters, producer Madhura Sreedhar Reddy is busy in ensuring that the film is ready for June 2nd release.