Vikram Kumar keeps mum on Nag's statement?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 09:30

Nagarjuna has declared that he will be producing Naga Chaitanya’s next film on his banner in the direction of Vikram Kumar. Nag said he saw the final output of ‘Hello’ and is fully satisfied. So much so that he has made statement that he will be making another film with Vikram Kumar. But sources say Vikram Kumar is not showing much interest.
Both Vikram Kumar and Nagarjuna have had many differences during the shoot of ‘Hello’. Nagarjuna is said to have expressed his displeasure over the expenditure and high budget, while Vikram Kumar felt Nag is unnecessarily putting his hands in creative aspects of the movie making. However, they have put their differences aside to complete the film and now the trailer and songs are getting good response. So, Nag has announced the film but Vikram Kumar has not responded on this statement.
Vikram Kumar has already directed ‘Manam’ and ‘Hello’ for Nagarjuna. Will he be doing third film on the same banner? We have to wait and see.
Moreover, Nagarjuna also made similar statement that he would be doing sequel to ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ with director Kalyan Krishna but the movie is not at all happening now. Given this scene, Nag’s statements are not taken seriously.