Weekend BO: Adirindhi turns out to be big hit

Monday, November 13, 2017 - 07:45

Vijay is the new 'Thupaki' from Kollywood to be zooming past like a bullet.'Adirindhi' is turning in impressive figures at the box office.  Released on Thursday, it saw the cash registers ringing.  Trade trends suggest that the message-oriented, mass entertainer may well get past the Rs. 15 Cr figure in terms of share as it scored huge amount in its four-days first weekend.

This will make the movie the biggest hit in Vijay's career as far as AP and TS are concerned. (In fact, this figure hasn't been netted by any other Tamil hero in recent years, 'Bichagadu' being an honorable exception). After the 2016 Summer flop called 'Police', Vijay's prospects hardly were looking up in Telugu.

When 'Adhirindhi' failed to have a simultaneous release in October, it was another letdown. Despite this, the Atlee movie has struck gold right from the first day. Its success once again proves that some standard storylines and formulae can ensure minimum guarantee returns. The formula of revenge as seen in Vichitra Sodarulu, the pain of the victims of callousness as seen in Bharateeyudu, and the outage against the negligent and unethical medical system as brought out by Chiranjeevi's Tagore have all been mixed well in 'Adhirindhi'. However, it is Vijay’s performance and gripping first half have made all the difference.

With this Vijay has created a good market in Telugu now.