This weekend sees four films

Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 11:00

This weekend we will be witnessing competition among small and medium budgeted movies. Raj Tarun starrer Dil Raju’s production ‘Lover’, Manchu Lakshmi’s ‘W/o Ram’ and Chandra Siddharth’s ‘Aatagadharaa Siva’ are releasing this Friday, while ‘Parichayam’ is hitting the screens on 21st July.
Raj Tarun whose career is in trouble is hoping to bounce back with romantic drama ‘Lover’ that is directed by Aneesh Krishna who shot to fame with ‘Ala Ela’. The movie deals about a love track between an Andhra guy and a Kerala girl.
Chandra Siddharth’s ‘Aatagadharaaa Siva’ is remake of a Kannada hit ‘Rama Rama Re’ that is a road movie. A Telangana spiritual guru Sriram’s son is debuting as the lead hero in this film.
‘Wife of Ram’ is a thriller that is produced by Manchu Lakshmi. She also plays the protagonist. Lakshmi is confident that this thriller would connect to the new age audiences.
‘Parichayam’, on the other hand, is directed by Lakshmikanth Chenna, that talks about what pure love is. The director says his film doesn’t have scenes of heroine lifting hero’s shirt or kiss scenes. This is obvious dig at ‘RX 100’.