What next for Nara Rohit?

Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 22:15

Nara Rohit’s career is in shambles. Known for backing interesting scripts, Nara Rohit, of late, is coming up with badly made movies. His recent three films tanked without a trace.

Nara Rohit has earned a good image among movie lovers with his shrewd selection of scripts like ‘Prathinidhi’, ‘Rowdy Fellow’, ‘Asura’, ‘Appatlo Okadundevadi’, ‘Jyo Atchyutananda’, etc that had offered variety and novelty. New directors have started knocking his doors to get nod from him. The hype around him has gone after recent duds.

‘Kathalo Rajakumari’, ‘Aatagallu’ and ‘Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu’ have brought bad name to his image. He is now currently working on films like ‘Shabdam’ and ‘Anaganaga Dakshinadhilo’. Let’s hope he bounces back with these movies.