What next? A question rankling Prabhas's mind

Saturday, September 7, 2019 - 23:15

After the unexpected failure of 'Saaho' in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam, Prabhas is learned to be in a state of dilemma over what he should do next.  'Jaan', a rom-com directed by KK Radhakrishna, was 30 percent finished during the making of 'Saaho'.  It was planned to be released this year itself.  However, the result of 'Saaho' has changed the situation.

'Jaan' is a big-budgeted movie.  The stakes are really high.  So, the handsome actor is said to be having second thoughts about continuing with this project.  He might put it on hold, especially because it is co-produced by UV Creations.

Prabhas doesn't want to take a big risk twice in a row after what has happened to 'Saaho'.  He may surprise everyone by doing a small film for now.