When will Pawan Kalyan respond about re-entry?

Friday, October 18, 2019 - 09:30

That Pawan Kalyan is reading scripts is known to all. It is also a fact that he recently met a couple of directors and producers. But Pawan Kalyan is still not responding on the comeback reports. Through his Twitter, he is regularly responding to various political developments and people’s issues.

The launch of Pawan Kalyan’s come back film will probably take some more time to materialize. He is still concentrating on Jana Sena party and political matters. Krish, Harish Shankar, and another top director recently met him and have narrated their scripts. Pawan Kalyan has to take a final call when to launch the movies.

After the release of ‘Agnyathavaasi’, Pawan Kalyan plunged into active politics and stopped doing films. He recently gave voiceover in his brother Chiranjeevi’s dream project ‘Sye Raa’.