Who I should marry is my call: Rashmi

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 21:00

Rashmi Gautam got irritated one of her fan suggested to marry her co-anchor Sudheer. The duo have been giving impression that they are in love on screen. They also did a program where in they married each other. It was publicised that they actually got married but it was done all for television rating points.

When a fan said Sudheer and she seems to be made for other, she lambasted and said she'd marry whoever she wishes to, not her on-screen jodi.

She tweeted, "And how do u know that we are made for each other just because u see us enact something on the screen..... high time u guys learn to separate REEL LIFE FROM REAL LIFE What we do on screen is to entertain our audience tats all Who we marry is our call And no suggestions needed."