Why is Bunny Vaas so vocal against TDP Govt?

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 10:15

Generally, the mega heroes and their team don’t make controversial statements concerning with governments on public platform. Since Chiru and Pawan Kalyan are in the field of politics also, they criticize government policies but rest of the heroes and their team maintain dignified silence on controversial topics.

In a sudden twist, producer Bunny Vaas, who is also close friend of Allu Arjun, has suddenly turned vocal in expressing his displeasure of selection of Nandi Awards and made some remarks against Andhra Pradesh government. This has surprised everyone.

He said AP government is turning a blind eye on Mega heroes who contribute major share of revenue for Tollywood each year with the collections.

It seems that Bunny Vaas has support of Allu Aravind and Allu Arjun. Or he would not dare making such strong statements openly. Or was he expressing his opinions in individual capacity of a fan of mega heroes?