Why has Devi Sri Prasad lost the confidence of top filmmakers?

Monday, April 6, 2020 - 11:30

Devi Sri Prasad who used to enjoy the position as the number one music composer in the Telugu film industry is now finding it hard to secure big movies. Top directors have deserted him one by one starting from Trivikram to Koratala Siva. Not that he’s not giving out hit songs but big directors are moving away from him. Why? Except for Sukumar, why is that all his former loyal directors have teamed up with music composers like Thaman, Mani Sharma, and Bollywood music directors?

When we spoke to some of his former associates and the directors who worked with him, they have revealed one aspect. Devi Sri Prasad, over the years, has become quite inflexible. 

He is not providing choices to the filmmaker to pick up the right tunes. If a director asks for another tune, he insists that the tune that he composed best suits the situation. And he dodges on till the last minute when the deadline is nearing. Thus filmmakers are forced to go with his choice of tunes.

DSP’s adamant nature is the reason why he’s losing projects. 

Maybe Devi Sri Prasad should take this feedback from filmmakers in his stride and become flexible.