Will all theaters follow Sudharshan's method?

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - 12:45

Sudharshan 35MM is one of the best single-screen theaters in Hyderabad. The popular cinema hall took the initiative of changing the seating arrangements in the wake of the coronavirus. Physical distancing is the key to contain the virus. Hence, the theater management has removed 50 percent of seats and rearranged seating to ensure three feet gap between two seats. It is now ready with the new seating arrangements. They have also bought disinfectant machines and readying sanitizers.

The theaters at RTC X Roads are standing as an example of how to do movie business in the times of corona. Will all theaters in Telugu states follow the suit? 

Though governments have not decided on the reopening of cinema halls, the movie industry is positive about getting permission from August. However, it all depends on the containment of coronavirus and the flattening of the curve.