Will Venky save Paayal Rajput's career?

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 15:30

Paayal Rajput has made a huge mistake of acting in a film that has total adult content, double-meaning dialogues, and lewd jokes. The film was ‘RDX Love’. It hit the screens two weeks ago and sank without trace. All the hype she has received after the success of ‘RX100’ has now gone.

Paayal Rajput has now acquired the bad image with ‘RDX Love’ and filmmakers are now not showing much interest to work with her. No new offers are coming her way. However, she will next bee is seen as Venkatesh’s pair in ‘Venky Mama’.

If ‘Venky Mama’ clicks at the box-office, perception towards might change. This film is crucial to Paayal’s career.