Don't take rumours seriously: Niharika

Friday, February 9, 2018 - 17:00

Niharika has finally responded about the speculation about her wedding with Naga Shaurya. It was said that her parents have agreed to her love relationship. It was also reported that she would getting hitched to the 'Chalo' actor.
Niharika earlier evaded these questions but she has now clarified that she doesn't take these rumors seriously. She didn't deny love relation with him but she said, "Such link-ups are common in the movie industry."
She also stated that people would easily forget the 'current hot gossip' after a few months as they would be pre-occupied with another 'piping hot rumor'. So, why give so much thought to this, she questions.
Even after his clarification, we are clueless whether she is agreeing or denying!