Pantham will be a sure shot hit, says Gopichand

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 - 19:00

Gopichand is confident that his film Pantham will hit the bulleye this time. After a series of flop films here he comes with another offering. He analyses why these films failed and what is so unique about Pantham in this conversation. 

Any butterflies before the release? 

I would be lying if I say no. There is always a tension whether your film will click or not. This time, my Pantham is to make the film a hit at any cost. Things look good and I am content that the film has come out good and will touch everyone's hearts. 

How do you see your career after 25 films? 

Things are just about okay as every film is a risk and the stakes are high. I have a long way to go and frankly, I don't get much variety of subjects and this has stopped the growth of me as an actor. I am doing my best with each film of mine and trying to improve and move ahead with the trend.

Most of your recent films are flops. Why? 

I don't agree with that. No one can say why he did such a horrible film. The stories of my films were pretty good but the directors who made those film couldn't handle the projects and that is why most of them flopped. What is there on paper is not transformed on screen and I cannot do anything about it.

What's so special about Pantham? 

It deals with a burning social issue which would anger anyone of us. I enjoyed a lot while mouthing those lengthy social dialogues which deal with these sensitive issues. We have also tried to give a solution to this problem in our very own way and I hope that it will connect to all.

Looks like too much money is spent on the budget?

Allocating the budget for this film was also a bit difficult. The moment producer Radha Mohan saw debutante director Chakri, he said will this guy do the job for us. We all went for a second hearing and that is when he was satisfied and got ready to pump money for this film.

Are you trying anything new with your next?

Once again, I am doing a film with a debutante called Kumar. For the first time, I am attempting a love story which is relatively new for me in my career. The script has come out nicely and I am very excited about this project. How an actor of my age falls in love will be shown in a funny manner.

Do you connect with today's new age cinema?

As we are seeing, times are changing in a rapid manner in the industry and I would also like to be a part of such path-breaking films, but I am getting these same old action entertainers which I have to choose from.