Prabhudeva: I get kick by choreographing

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - 12:15

When Prabhudeva came to Hyderabad, he received a rousing reception from Telugu film lovers, some of whom described him as a legend.  In this interview, the celebrated dance director opens up about 'Abhinetri' and his life.  

A different horror:

'Abhinetri' is a horror film with a difference.  When AL Vijay told me that the ghost doesn't make an appearance throughout the movie, I laughed and said, 'OK, tell'.  The humour is based on the situation.  

My character:

I play a man whose big dream is to marry a modern-looking girl.  Far from it, he gets to marry a village girl (played by Tamannah's character).  His travails are worsened when another character enters their lives.  He is played by Sonu Sood.  All the story unfolds in the backdrop of film world.  It is in this backdrop that an emotional story between a husband and a wife takes place.  There is an underlying message that wife is everything.
The biggest kick of my life:
No matter how many hats I wear (actor, director, producer), it's being a choreographer that gives me the highest 'kick'.  I am upbeat about choreographing a song no matter how many years it has been.  Dance is what gives me that high.  If I am choreographing a song tomorrow, I can't sleep tonight because I am too excited about it.  This is the same when I am directing a movie.  
Just happened:

I never knew there is a director in me.  I was choreographing a song for 'Varsham' movie when MS Raju walked up to me and asked me if I will direct his next movie.  I said yes then and there.  That's how I turned a director.  I didn't plan Bollywood.  It just happened.  Ganesh sir said he wanted to start a production house on my name.  I said yes.  I didn't plan to become a producer.  Even 'Abhinetri' didn't happen as per a plan.  Some other actor was to do my role.  I choreographed 'Main Yesa Kyun Hoon' in 'Lakshya' in 30 minutes.  Surprisingly, that won a National Award for me.  That's because of Hrithik Roshan's talent.  I think soon I will direct a movie on my own banner.  
A child at heart:
I am a child at heart.  As children, weren't we excited about watching a movie, etc?  I am like that even at this age.  If I am going to watch a film this evening, I would be excited about it from morning.  I am excited about eating a cake, wearing new clothes, etc. 
I am a veggie:

I don't practice dance regularly.  I practice it only when I have to direct a number.  I am a vegetarian.  And after 7 p.m., I don't take anything, no matter what.  I don't cling on to anything.  Maybe, that's why I look young even at 42.
My favourite dances:
Chiranjeevi sir is my all-time favourite dancer.  Earlier, only one hero was known for great dancing.  It's not so now.  Many heroes are dancing great.  I can't pick one from the current lot.   Recently, I liked the dance choreographs for 'Top lechi poddi' ('Iddarammayilatho'), 'Mega meter' ('Bruce Lee') and 'I wanna follow follow' ('Nannaku Prematho').  When I find a song choreography good, I call up and appreciate. I haven't been asked to choreograph a song for 'Khaidi No. 150'.  If asked, I will do.
Hyderabad has good dance talent:
Earlier, only Chennai was known for terrific dancers.  But now, many great dancing talents are coming from Hyderabad.  It's great to see this change.

None is without worries:
Who is totally happy about his personal life? Name someone and I will become his assistant. Everybody has worries. I too have, but they are the same types as you all have. 
My children dislike dancing:
My dream is that my children should be happy.  I don't tell my children to go after greatness. I tell them to be good humans and not hanker after riches. They dislike dancing, by the way. They have no interest in films. They first dislike my dance. They are like other children. I have no intentions to make them great dancers. I turned into a dancer because I didn't study well.  I don't know how to start a dance academy and run it.