Tripura - Movie Review

Friday, November 6, 2015 - 16:00
Tripura (2015)
Cast & Crew: 

Movie: Tripura
Cast: Colors Swathi, Naveen Chandra, Pooja, Sriman, Sapthagiri, Jayaprakash Reddy, Rao Ramesh, Shakalaka Shankar, Dhanraj and others
Screenplay: Kona Venkat and Veligonda Srinivas
Dialogues: Raja
Music: Kamran
Lyrics: Chandra Bose, Ramajogaiah Sastry
Cinematography: Ravi Kumar Sana
Editor: Upendra
Action: Vijay
Art: Ram Kumar
Executive Producer: Siva Mallala
Presented by: Javvaji Ramanjaneyulu
Banner: Crazy Media
Producers: M Chinababu, Rajasekhar
Story and Direction: Raj Kiran
Release Date: November 6, 2015
CBFC Rating: A

What's it about?

Esha (Pooja) gets a call from someone and goes to meet him farmhouse in the night. She is killed in the farmhouse. On the other hand, there is Tripura (Swathi) whose marriage alliances fail to takeoff when the groom’s party learn about her secret that she can see future through her dreams. Her worried father takes to her to Hyderabad for treatment and she falls in love with the doctor Naveen (Naveen Chandra) who treats her. The love is mutual and culminates into marriage.  Everything seems to be going smoothly until a police officer who is friend of Naveen comes to their home in an investigation related to the missing girl Esha. Meanwhile, Tripura still gets dreams. So they move to their farmhouse for the change of location. Many shocking incidents start unraveling there.

Last year we had seen Geetanjali, a successful horror comedy from director Raj Kiran. This year we had seen Raju Gari Gadhi which also became a success. Before that came hit horror comedies like Prema Katha Chitram. Allari Ravi Babu also made a super hit horror thriller Avunu. All these movies had by and large a similar plot point. Now, Tripura comes with a similar storyline.

Horror thrillers laced with comedy bits is the formula that has been learnt well by our filmmakers. So don't expect unusual things from this story but the director fairly succeeds in holding interest in the second half. While the entire first half seems going haywire, post interval it offers some sequences to look forward to.

Colors Swathi is always perfect for a de-glam role. In Tripura too she has excelled, as a village girl she is a perfect fit the role perfectly. Coming to the horror part in the role, this is something new for Swathi, but she has given a good performance. Naveen Chandra needs to be appreciated for his good performance especially in the climax portions. Rao Ramesh gives a satisfactory show.

Shakalaka Shankar and Jayaprakash Reddy revel in good comedy. Sapthagiri is also good, but at times his comedy gets into one's head. Pooja and Sriman in small roles are okay.

Tripura has decent technical and production values though music fails to impress and editing should have been much better.

The movie is too lengthy. A better screenplay would have helped the film. Director has good hold of the thrilling parts in the film but needs a lot of improvement in comedy department.

Bottom-line: Colors Swathi starrer Tripura is typical horror comedy movie with fairly better second-half but very lengthy.